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You are a valued customer of Dream Luxury Entertainment and we are honored to host you and your event. We are a company of great morale, entertainment, and hospitality. To ensure your enjoyment and safety as well as the safety of our employees and others, we have established the following terms and conditions. By placing a reservation with Dream Luxury Entertainment (The Provider) you (The Customer) acknowledge and agree to the following policies, terms, and conditions.


All reservations will require a $150 deposit that must be received to hold reservation. The $150 deposit is in addition to the cost and will be refunded upon end time of booking unless the Customer agrees to provide a credit/debit card number to have on file then deposit goes towards balance. The card will not be charged for services unless authorized by Customer for remainder of booking or Provider determines that damages has occurred to the bus, as outlined (See Damage Fees/Violations Page 2). Conclusion of the event is defined as reaching the agreed-upon end time and an inspection of the bus by Provider.


Services are not considered reserved until the Signed Reservation Contract and $150 booking deposit has been received. Please text or call 248-820-5008, email, or Facebook/Instagram message us @DreamLuxEnt to make reservations.


Modifications to a reservation are allowed but not guaranteed - depends on Provider. Any changes made within 7 days will occur a $50 fee. Please ask the Provider if it is possible to extend/shorten the reserved time or date change. Requests do not guarantee changes, however, efforts will be made to accommodate requests. Hourly charges apply. If time is

cut short for any reason that is out of the Provider’s control, there will be no refund for the remainder of the trip unless otherwise decided by provider. If booking exceeds agreed upon time a $150 per hour fee (or hourly rate) will be charged. However, a 15 min grace period is granted.


Any cancellations made within 21 days will result in loss of the deposit. Cancellations made prior to 21 days of booking will result in lost of 50 % deposit or at Providers discretion.


 Full payment of booking is due before services can begin. If card is on file, the remainder of booking minus the deposit is due. If no card is on file, the full payment must be paid, and deposit will be refunded if no damages has occurred (as stated in deposit section). Accepted payment forms include:

Cash , Debit/Credit Card (with process fee) , Check (paid 14 days prior) Cash app, PayPal, or Zelle

6.Tolls and Parking:

All tolls and parking fees are in addition to the contract price and must be paid by Customer.

7. Lost Items:

Provider is not responsible for items that are lost, stolen, damaged, or forgotten belongings on our vehicle or the disposal of the same. Please check for your belongings before leaving the vehicle.

8. Transportation Termination

 Provider/Chauffeur reserves the right to terminate any transportation reservation/service, without refund, should the chauffeur deem that the Customer and/ or the Party of the Customer is putting the Chauffeur, bus, or Customer(s) in any danger of injury or damage. Please be respectful to the Chauffeur, refrain from the use of foul language to him/her, and any unacceptable and unruly behavior. In addition, the Provider reserves the right to refuse service to anyone without explanation.

9. Damage Fees / Violation of Terms & Conditions:

 Charges will apply for damage made to vehicle. As stated, the Customer whose Credit Card is held on file is responsible for all damages and/or cleaning charges incurred, including, but not limited to vomit/ sickness, upholstery damage, electronics damage, etc. No exceptions. The Customer agrees to be fully liable for all charges that may occur:

$50 Broken Glassware Fine

$200 Minimum for Each Burn Hole, Rip/Tear to Upholstery/Damage to Floor of Bus

$200 Cleaning Surcharge for Bodily Fluid Excretions.

$150 If pole falls, please keep both feet on ground when dancing on the pole.

$200 Minimum Fine for Acts of Vandalism

$200 Minimum Fine for Electronic Damage to Television, Lighting or Sound System

10. No Weapons/illegal Substances

No Weapons

Weapons or items that can be used as a weapon including but not limited to guns, knives, mace etc, are not allowed. Any illegal substances are not allowed.

11. No Underage Drinking

No alcohol is allowed for passengers under the age of

21. Should underage drinking be discovered; the Provider reserves the right to terminate the charter immediately and either return all passengers to the original pick-up location or to call the parents to pick up the minors at a specified safe location. There will be no refunds on unused time remaining on the reservation.

12. Smoking Fee ($150)

There is no smoking on the bus unless customer has paid a smoking fee of $150 that is in addition to reservation cost. This smoking fee only permits smoking of legal substances but does not cover any damages that may be a result of smoking. Please use ashtrays and hookahs responsibly.

12. Injuries

Dream Luxury Entertainment (Provider) is not responsible for injuries/accidents that may occur due to, but not limited to, guest standing while the vehicle is in motion or at standstill. Fighting, horse play, standing near stairs or injuries around the bus. The purchaser on this contract is responsible for his/her guests at all times on and off the bus.

13. Provider is not responsible for acts of God and/or circumstances that are beyond our control, including, but not limited to, traffic congestion, road closures, accidents, weather delays, mechanical problems/ breakdown, etc.

I, (Customer), have read Dream Luxury Entertainment (Provider) attached terms and conditions rental agreement and agree to abide by them. I consent that all information provided is true and accurate and all payments have been made by me or someone I have authorized. I take full responsibility for any counterfeit bills, insufficient funds, charge backs, or canceled/bounced checks that may occur. I accept full responsibility for any damages which may occur during my rental and for the behavior of any guests involved in my event. I have the right to inspect the rental vehicle prior to my trip and report any noticeable damage. I agree to pay in full for all services and fees rendered at the time of pickup before services can begin, including any additional hours at the trips end. I hereby authorize Dream Luxury Entertainment to keep my deposit, send invoice (for additional fees) or charge my credit/debit card the minimum amount of $150.00 (per incident) towards any damages caused by either myself or my Guests. I warrant that I am 18 years or older and have the legal authority to enter this contract.

Cancellation Policy: A deposit of $150.00 is being paid today. I understand that should I cancel my booking for any reason, this deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE if canceled within 21 days of the event. If I cancel prior to 21 days before the trip I understand that 50% of my deposit is refundable at the Providers discretion.

By signing this agreement, I confirm that I have read all the above listed Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them.

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